How to use a simbol of the library

Hi everyone, I’m very frustrating because I spent 2 days and I didn’t find a solution about a thing that should be very easy.
I’m a plc programmer and with the HMI I’ve no problem to do everything but could someone tell me how I can place a three position rotary switch so when I press it change the value of a tag (int) change from 0 to 2.

Thanks a lot.

Have you done this in other SCADA/HMI platforms? If yes, it should be very similar if not the exact thing. I’m not a fan of using life like switches and buttons, but I have done them in the past. Depending on how many states would depend on where to place the touch points. I attached a template for a two position switch. It’s more or less a toggle. For 3 position, you will probably want the button on the text/label for each position. Setting up buttons should be very simple and intuitive. You will then need to do the animation for the knob similar on how I did mine.

Since you are new and you volunteered the fact that it took 2 days and you still didn’t get a working switch, I think you need to learn the basics of Ignition, or perhaps SCADA/HMI in general first. Check out Inductive University, watch all of the videos: (11.5 KB)


Thank you for the help, I understand that I have to change the manner I use to program an HMI, scada is different thing and so the aspect will be different respect an HMI.