How to use digest authentication in httpBinding

I can't understand where I should write down username and password? Everytime I get 401 Unauthorized error as response.

I've never looked into this before. What would you use as the URL if you were entering directly in your browser?

Digest auth requires the credentials to be encoded in request headers, if I recall correctly. (Encoded, not just supplied.) You'll have to look up the HTTP standards for how to do this, if no one has it off the top of their heads. (I do not.)

Unfortunately it looks like digest authentication is not supported in either the binding or

It is very strange.

Because I can choose such authentication type in binding

Hmm, I must have misunderstood the ticket I found for this.

I guess you have to put the precomputed value there, rather than supplying a username/password and it being computed for you.

(I'm not really sure how this is supposed to be obtained unless you end up making a digest-authenticated request from another HTTP client / tool and just copy it in)

Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and stand by my original response... despite its appearance in the UI, it's essentially unsupported. It shouldn't be there.

Oh, ok.
So it is also necessary to remove the mention of this in the documentation


There's a link at the bottom of each doc page:

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I've also opened a ticket for this and mentioned both the configuration UI and the user manual.

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Would it be possible to get around this issue in the mean time with the python "requests" header?

And if so, how would I go about adding that to the scripting capabilities?

I know this is a little after the post has slowed down, please forgive me.