How to use GetBit to read bit in an INT

Got a tip, to use a funk “GetBit” to read the status of individuals bitten in a integer.
Got a Integer valve status, containing:

Bit 1: Local
Bit2: Remote
Bit 3: Manual
Bit 4 Auto
I want to show the different states(Boolen) through color shifts in circles and visibility of buttons for manual control ( Openbuton, Closebuton)

Rune / Norway

getBit(number, position)
This function returns the bit value (an integer, 0 or 1) in the number at position position, according to its binary representation. The least significant bit in a number is position 0.

Integer is 123
Binary is 111011

You can create custom properties and bind them to:

Custom Value:
DoorOpen = getBit(myInteger, 0)
Local = getBit(myInteger, 1)
Remote = getBit(myInteger, 2)

I am not sure what you mean by color shifts in circles.