How to use httpGet & httpPost for SOAP Endpoint


I have created SOAP endpoint using Sepasoft Web services module. How to invoke the soap endpoint url using or . I tried the soap endpoint url using httpGet in script console and in browser I can see some HTML response but it is not the expected response as given be

If this is possible please let me know how to do it.

Expected using httpGet / httpPost


Still sort of new with SOAP but in your httpGet shouldn’t your URL be http://localhost:8088/system/ws/soap/GET?op=GET4mDB

It looks like you’re calling out the endpoint but not the operation.

Thank you @mgrishaber. I tried the enclosed url (“http://localhost:8088/system/ws/soap/GET?op=GET4mDB”) Still I am getting the same HTML output. Please let me know am I missing some thing. Thanks.

So first try doing that with, my setup is looking like it is expected only POST requests and not GET. If you put in your URL in a web browser it should give you an example request and response for the operation that you can use to create the header and message.

Either way though you will probably have to parse a HTML and XML message to get your data in the format you want it to be in.

If you’re in 8.0.6 I think is recommended. You might look into that instead of httpGet.