How to use Ignition Idp services for Frontend Gateways in Scale out architecture


In Scaleout architecture, if you have more than one frontend server, there is no possible way to automatically add one user and it reflects all frontend gateway's user source. So if we can centralize our user source in backup and active Igntion internal Idp, I believe the Ignition Idp can be set up for all frontends. But I don't know how to do that.
I know using external Idp will fix this problem but in some cases, we don't have that option.

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For this use case, if you don't have and External IDP you have to use Automatically generated Ignition Identity Provider which can use an external Database User Source Profile.
All gateway user source profile will share the same user/password stored in the Database.

I agree that a way to sync Ignition internal user between gateway would be a great feature.