How to use Markdown styling on Web Dev HTML responses

I have a project where I am serving HTML content using the Web Dev module. I have instances where I am also populating the markdown component with some of that same HTML content. I've noticed that the markdown component has some modern looking styling on tables and things that I would like to apply to the HTML content that I am serving using the Web Dev module. Is that possible? How would I do it?

You probably just need to emit the right class names in your HTML; if you're writing your HTML by hand are you including the thead and tbody elements? <thead>: The Table Head element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN

I am using thead and tbody. The first image is the HTML shown in an iframe and the second is that html content in a markdown component.

I found this post in the "issues" section of the react-markdown repository. I loaded the github-markdown.css file into the designer as a text file resource and was able to get it to work.