How to use parameters in the playback function


I am trying to implement the playback function using the ignition exchange sample. There is no problem with 1:1 tag application. However, I do not know how to apply tags using parameters.

Below is a picture of the path I am trying to apply.


If the tag path is directly designated (1:1), playback can be performed, but I do not know how to playback multiple values using parameters. (tags : 4)

help me.

try with an expression binding on 4:
"[default]Cooling/" + {view.params.DeviceName} + "/" + {view.params.Tag}

When I try to bind, an error message appears.

Cannot configure a binding on a descendent property of a parameter.

Can you show us how you're trying to configure the binding ?

When clicking the square,
error popup appears.

This is full screen.

Is this the request you intended?

You need to do the bindings where you PASS the parameters, not where you receive them.
In other words, you shouldn't be doing the configuration in this view, but in the view that will use it.

thanks! It really works!