How to use pdf viewer to Print both sides of paper

We currently use the pdf viewer component to allow our operators to print their shift reports.
Works perfectly… Now I have a request to add a 2nd page and have it print on both sides of one page of paper.

Adding the second page was a breeze. Printing both pages works well, But I have not been able to find a way to print both pages on one sheet of paper. I thought it would be an option in the Print Popup that contains tabs for General, Page Setup and Appearance.

Any and all help welcomed.

I am currently using ver. 7.9.4

Hi Paul,

I don’t have a 7.9 install in front of me, but is there a button for the printer properties in the General tab? Duplex printing options are usually set there.

Operator selected duplex option and everything printed properly.
Thank You.

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