How to use Perspective Historical Playback from the exchange

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I am working on a project that requires a historical playback of all elements including write tags. I know that this Resource does not allow for write tag states natively but I have seen some other form posts on it. I am new to ignition so what I could really use help with is how to even use it in the project. There isnt any documentation I have found on implementation, so can anyone get me started on making even a simple view work with it?

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I have solved this issue. For anyone wondering the problem for me was that the currrentTime Parameter was a date several years ago which was causing the values to be 0 no matter what. To solve this simply grab the current time tag from rangeStart and create a tag binding for currentTime and use that tag. I will update if this solution causes problems in the future.

UPDATE: This Was incorrect. You cannot make the currentTime parameter the system time. This will cause the history feature not to work. Unfortunately the way it was fixed for me was by playing with slider and toggling history on and off and the time was updated to the present. I would either try that, or if you are good at scripting, dive into the tick tock custom parameter scripting and see how to reset it.

If you are new to ignition and are just lost like I was, here is a video with the creator of this exchange resource explaining how to use it.

Also Although I have not yet tried this, here is a forum post explaining how to make it respond to write tags in addition to read tags.

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The global function is returning empty dictionary of cache values, can someone help me with this.

What have you tried? Perhaps share what you have done, either in screenshots or exports.