How to use Seaborn library in Python script

Hi guys,

I am beginner here, I watched video in our fabulous learning portal " inductive university", Talking about using python libraries and as example they imported randint from random library.

So can I use seaborn library or not. if yes please share the. Py file that I should use.


It's important to note Ignition uses Jython, python scripting for the Java language and therefore you can only use libraries that are for jython. Typical python is CPython with C/C++ bindings and those libraries are not usable at all within jython.

Seaborn is used for making charts but there is no way for you to go straight form a seaborn script to showing that in perspective or vision for that matter. You'll have to learn how to make appropriate datasets to feed to the chart component and that is how you will be able to visualize data.

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