How to use the tab strip?

Maybe this is really obvious, but I can’t figure it out. How does the tab strip control work? I’d like to have something like the demo application, where there are tabs across the top of a page, or down one side of the page, like on the demo’s administration section. I can use it to bring whole windows forward and back, but not to navigate around different sections of the same window.

I was thinking I should put the tab strip in one window, with one container for each tab’s contents, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Am I just missing something obvious?

You typically put the tab strip in a docked window, and have it swap between your other windows. See the skeleton project for an example: … ies/?id=14

I have a problem with the tab strip: the line that is drawn to separate the tabs and the navigation window (where I place the tabs) ends “somewhere”. It does not start at the top of the window and doesnt go down until the end. Since resolutions are different on different screens the navigation window (docked) vary in lenght, so I cant just put an extra line above or adjust the object size…

I hope you understand my problem, anyway I took a sceenshot where you can see the problem.

Yes, it is a layout problem. Every component has a layout mode that governs how the component will resize when the client resizes. Your tab strip is set to Relative mode which means it will resize relative to the new width and height of the window. So, what you need to do is change the layout mode to anchored top left and bottom. Make the tab strip the full height of the window in the designer and when it resizes the height will always be the height of the window.

To change the layout mode right click on the tab strip and select layout mode.

thank you, works fine now