How to View More than 2 Trends

When I used the script in the attached picture, only one trend is shown.

I want to see more than two trends. What should I do?

You'll have to show how you are processing the payload in the popup, but I presume that you're just binding the Power Chart directly to the param?

There are a few different ways to do it, but you can use a value change script to the popup's params (I would group them all together into one object to make it easier). On the value change, append the pen configuration into the Power Chart's pen configuration.

only one comes out

Can you elaborate on the method you told me about?

Given your screenshots, i'll also need to know how that embedded view is opening the trend popup. Scratch that, you already post that in the OP...
And does it work if you open the trend popup in the designer and provide 2 paths?

On a side note, you should rarely (if ever) pass a bound value as a parameter into an embedded view; you should pass the tag path and then the embedded View should handle the binding to the tag. E.g. the - you're already providing value.tagPath, so you can just bind to this in your View. The name and state (not sure what you're using this for) should come from the tag as well so you're not creating lots of work for yourself every time you add new instances of the embedded view

Can you send me a sample file of two or more trends?

Not easily, no. But your Power Chart configuration looks ok, although I can't see the binding on the pen data property, which would be useful to know and see its value.

Looking at the script that opens the popup though, you're not passing the trend popup the "path2" param. You need to add that parameter into the payload. E.g.

payload['path2'] = self.view.params.tagPath2

I entered the trend settings and checked the pen properties.

However, when I went into the pen properties, where the name did not appear, and looked at the tagpath path,


It was like this.

How do I enter the tag?

can you show me the binding and values on here? and the first index as well

It's been resolved. thank you for telling me.