How to write a OPC-UA Serial drive and test it

I just want to see how to write a OPC-UA drive,so if there is a program that can run,I will see the sourse code to see how it works , but when I test the SerialDisplay in example by Add the devise ,there is a text field let me fill :¿SerialDisplayDriver.Categories.SerialPortCategory.Name? how can I do?

The file is supposed to have two entries in it that provide the text for that property’s display name and description, but it doesn’t for some reason.

The entries would look like something like this:

Properties.SerialPortProperty.DisplayName=Serial Port
Properties.SerialPortProperty.Description=The serial port the display is connected to.

This is because SerialPortProperty extends AbstractDriverProperty which has javadocs explaining the format it uses and which properties file it looks in.