How to write and test opc-ua driver program

when I downloaded Ignition-ModuleSDK-7.2.8,there is a example called ModbusDriver-v2,how Can I build the modl file and test it ,and is there any other example show how to write a opc-ua driver?thank you.

The SDK examples are set up as if you were going to point an Eclipse workspace at the example\ folder. From there you can import the projects and open build-modbus.xml.

Running the BuildAndInstallModule ant target will build and attempt to install the module on an Ignition gateway running on localhost:8088. The automagic install will only work if the gateway has a developer license installed. The address/port can be altered using the “local.gateway.url” property in the base build.xml file.

There’s a small blurb in the programmers guide PDF about getting Eclipse set up.

The SDK is a bit confusing right now. We’re going to be working on improving documentation and examples once we get 7.3 out. We want to make it much easier to get started developing for Ignition, whether it be a driver, custom component, or any other module you want to make.

This may not matter, but the Modbus-v2 source code in the SDK is a bit out of date, probably from when it was still in beta. It definitely had a couple of bugs. When 7.2.9 is released the example will be updated with the most recent release.

when do you get 7.3 out?

It’s going into beta right about now, so the release should be a few weeks away.