How to write item path for Time of Day data type

Hi all, I tried to create tags for the "time of day" data type. In Siemens PLC, it looks like

But then how to write the opc item path in ignition? I tried "nsu=KEPServerEX;s=05602.PLC.DB30.B16@LTIME_OF_DAY"
but it doesn't work.

Not sure on this data type, but I know the "Date_And_Time" data type requires an S7-1500/400/300.

But maybe check if this datatype can even be sent over the Siemens driver

Hi Hayden, thanks for the reply! Our devices are S7-300 so "date_and_time" should be no problem.

Solved! :upside_down_face: the opc item path should be ""nsu=KEPServerEX;s=05602.PLC.DB30.TOD16@STRING" and select data type as "string"