How use SQLTags Alarm Edit extra?

In pretty new in the world of the Ignition, but each day that i’m using and learning this SCADA software i like more and more.
But in the part of alarm config I got the problem that i need a window that configurate the alarm ranges or/and disable it.
I imported the extra SQLTags Alarm Edit window in my proyect and of course it not working. the problem cames with the queries.

The tables sqlt_meta, sqlt_as and sqltcore have the information of the tags and playing with the queries you can change the alarm ranges but there are not information about how i can connect that with my tags or how should be each colum of the each table??

Take a look at the attached zip file. It contains information about the SQLTag tables in the database. For example, there is a sqlt_core table that contains a record for each tag. Each tag has an id. The sqlt_as contains the alarm states for each tag based on the tagid. That is how they are linked up. If you alter the alarm state you also need to update the config timestamp on the sqlt_core table:UPDATE sqlt_core SET configchange = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP WHERE id = 1Let us know if you have more questions. (79.5 KB)