How will module development change with Ignition 8?

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next September we should view the new version of Ignition.
How this will change the developing of module?
Modules developed with old SDK will compatible with new version?
Special way graphics componets for?


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There’s no specific way to know for sure until IA starts offering release candidates. Some of my modules load into 7.7, 7.8, and 7.9 (same module file). Sometimes with java reflection tricks to handle some IA changes, but most of the APIs just haven’t changed in breaking ways. In one case – config web pages in v7.9 – I couldn’t work around the changes and had to release a new module file.

We’ll see.

Since we haven’t finished Ignition 8 development, even we can’t tell you what changes your modules will need. But we absolutely understand that module authors need time to make changes, and we’re working as hard as we can to get Ignition 8 to a state where you can get started on what you need to do.

But I guess the java modules that use the very basic and core API’s such as those involving sqltags classes and its derivatives may mot be affected at all. Same modules work with version 7.7., version 7.8 or 7.9.* without having to even re-build them. I presume same will hold good for 8.* as well. Correct me if I am wrong!

May not be a good assumption. :slight_smile:

Even if required, hope it will be easy to rebuild our modules for required version of Ignition,by simply changing the sdk version in Maven!

I would suggest that is a forlorn hope, particularly if you have a module that encompasses all three scopes and many different APIs. Every one of my modules has at least some reflection to accommodate new/changed APIs.

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kinda sorta off topic but will the new ignition perspective module be released at the same time as Ignition 8?

Yes, that’s the plan.

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awesome. any timeline for Ignition 8 Beta? I assume it will be around or after the Conference?

Fortunately I have only gateway scoped modules using a minimal set of API’s such as sqltags. I want to keep my changes to Ignition to minimum. Also want to have a jython version of it later. But I guess JAVA version will be more efficient and robust and flexible!
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what is this “perspective module”? React client interface? Any clues or or references? Or its only to be announced in ICC 2018?

I missed ICC2017, but it was announced there. From what I understand, some alpha-grade code was demonstrated. A key feature is that event scripts will still be jython, and will run in a special per-client context in the gateway.

OK, I guess recording of the 2017 sessions by Colby and Kevin may have captured that announcement. Looks like some major changes are going to be announced as per Travis’s video on ICC 2018 page! Jython special client handling from server could be one of them but ReactJS interface on client side or some thing like that is my guess from the above recording.

It will be interesting to wait and watch!

This thread has been pretty thoroughly derailed at this point, but anyone looking for info on Perspective can look at this thread, or buy tickets to this year’s ICC: