How would I construct this SQL Address?

I simply want to see whether this output bit is on or off on my Siemens S7-1200.

Can anyone here tell me what to type in to my OPC Item path in the designer please. I have tried [Siemens]QX0.0 but i get a small question mark in my tag as shown in the attached image.

If you use search in the top right corner and input ‘Siemens s7 1200’, the first result is answer to your question. :thumb_left:

Sorry I dont understand.

I guess from what you are saying is that I need to access my data in a data block and cannot actually see the output Q0.0 directly?

I have changed the settings (turning off optimized block access etc) but I still dont know what address to put in to my OPC tag. :question: :question: :question:

Have you configure the device in Ignition Gateway?

As far as I can see it is set up ok. The only difference I can see is that you have a different CPU slot number.

I have different slot number, because I’m testing with CPU S7-315 (S7-300 always have slot number 2), not with S7 1500… 8). S7 1200 and S7 1500 have slot number 1.

I hardly believe that your CPU have IP Can you ping the CPU? is it online? Can you go online with TIA portal?
This is how mine looks, when it’s not online:

Thanks for your reply. Yes the address of my PLC is The PLC connects fine and I can ping it. I can transfer programs to it fine in TIA. I dont use this laptop for anything other than this.

Here is another couple of screen shots. Still cant get anywhere :cry:

OK, can you post picture of both tag diagnostics?
And your db tag is missing X (DB2,X0.0)

This is my project with S7_1200 from last year.
DB must NOT be optimized for block access and PLC protection must be Full access and Permit access with PUT/GET must be checked.
That are the only settings in S7 1200/S7 1500 which must be set in order to connect with Ignition.

From your pictures I would say that your tag addresses are wrong.
For DB tag you have DB2,0.1. It must be DB2,X0.0
And for your output tag the address Q0.0 (QX0.0) does not exist in PLC.
Check your hardware configuration in device view…

I have made output1 in the designer software using [Siemens]DB2,X0.0

The screen shots show that Q0.0 is working fine at the output of my PLC.

Also attached…

I’ve responded to you in the PM (private message)…

For other people, who will read this:

I’ve helped @aqueousdan over the Teamviewer.
He had everything set OK, but the tags weren’t working.
At the end I deleted all tags, that he created, deleted the device in Ignition gateway, restart gateway, recreate the device and tags started to work.

I remembered, that I’ve been there myself (especially at the beginning with Ignition) a few times.
The device drivers seems to get ‘confused’ sometimes, when there is to many errors in the attempts to get it working… :laughing: :thumb_right: