How would I go about running the visualization of my windows in a VM?

I’d love to be able to run all of my windows in real time on a virtual machine, far way from where anyone can do any damage. I know you have to engage in some port forwarding. I’ve tried everything I felt would work. Has anyone done something similar to this?

What are the details of your setup? Running VMs using what? ESXi? Hyper-V? VMWare Workstation/Player/Fusion? VitualBox?

What about networking?

Is this for production? Or a development environment?

I personally have all my Ignition development projects as VMs running on a Dell R710 server using ESXi. All on the same VLAN w/o any issue.

So, specifically what is your environment what what do you want to do?

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Literally the same set up you have. How weird is that.
I have an R710, with ESXi 6.0 on it.
I have vsphere client, and workstation.
This is just to have the visualizations separated onto a VM that higher ups can have full control over.
I simply (or so I thought) want to show the windows I’ve created in designer on a different vm. A remote Vision Client if you will.
Thanks for takin’ the time!

It’s important to separate “launching Ignition clients remotely” from “making a network connection between VMs”.

Ignition doesn’t use anything proprietary or special - in terms of launching clients, a vanilla Ignition installation just needs to be able to receive and send communication on TCP port 8088.
How to open that port is going to depend on a lot of factors. At a minimum, rule out firewalls (including default Windows firewall if these are Windows VMs). Also, is your VM set to the Vsphere equivalent of ‘Bridged’, or ‘NAT’, or something else?
Using VMWare Workstation, I have all of my VMs set up in ‘NAT’ - so if anyone outside my local machine wants to connect to a VM running Ignition, I need to add a NAT forwarding rule that takes traffic going to my host’s LAN IP and forwards it to the guest’s IP:

What do you need a VM for if the “higher ups” just need to launch a client instance?

You don’t need workstation for anything. Higher up’s web browser --> “http://myignitionservername:8088”, then click the button to launch the project?? (or http://myignitionipaddress:8088"

Of course, the Ignition gateway server, which I assume is running on a VM has to accessible from the network the higher ups are on. So more details please.

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My issue is that that doesn’t even work. It’s not pulling up the web page at all. So my assumption lies in the networking.

You may just need to open port 8088 on the ignition server windows firewall?