How's Windows 11 as platform for Ignition development


I currently have Windows 10 professional on my laptop which I use for both Ignition designer as well as for module development. I want to go for a new system, HP’s Windows 11 with 16GB RAM (extendable to 32GB RAM) , 500GB SSD and a better processor.

I hope the Windows 11 OS will be better or at least as good as windows 10 for the designer and development? Can someone share his experiences?


I’m running on Windows 11 for 2 months now, seems like at least as good as Windows 10, and outside of Ignition I like W11 more then W10.
Fyi, my machine is Dell XPS 17 i7 16GB RAM, 500SSD.

Does designer run as good on MAC or Linux? Or even better maybe?

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Thanks a lot , that encourages me to go for the new laptop, as long as there are no adverse experiences against windows 11 for Ignition usage.

My only issue so far with Windows 11 was getting VMWare to work. I haven’t tried recently though.

I am sure VMWare will resolve the issue.