HowTo Change/Alter Function Call Path to script library?

I’d like to implement a versioning in the script library for long term development. (git is no option at the moment, sry)
Idea is to user a “folder” structure for separated “modules” like
Module1 / V1-0-0 / Scripts with functions
Module2 / V1-0-0 / Scripts with functions
Module3 / V1-0-0 / Scripts with functions
Module3 / V1-1-0 / Scripts with functions

Question: When calling a script, how is it possible to alter the path to the correct function?
Let’s assume, I use a tag containing the version string. How do I get from
Module3.V1-0-0".MyFunction() to Module3.V1-1-0.MyFunction() as these are not strings and cannot be used as some? Any idea? Thanks!

python’s builtin function getattr() can perform such lookups with string module or package names.


Great! That worked for me.

it is
getattr(Module3, “V1_1_0”).MyScript.MyFunction(param1, param2)
and so on, then.