Html code not working

I used the html code to center some text on the button ,but it didn’t display correct in some computer ,and it is ok in some computer,Anybody know how to fixed it .
ok wrong

The first picture is ok in one computer ,The second is not ok in another computer.

That’s pretty bizarre. You’re using Ignition v8.0.X? What OS are both clients running on?

If you’re using 7.9, what Java version are both clients using?

The ignition version is v7.8.5(b2016120813) java version 1.8.0_144

OK computer OS win7 java version 1.8.0_144_b01
NOK computer OS WIN10 Pro java version 1.8.0_144

This may be caused by translation ,normally i started the program with english,the html is ok, if i changed to chinese ,and then change back to english .It display will not correct.