HTML formatted text in Report

For many Ignition components (Label, Button, Tab Strip, etc.) HTML tags can be used to format displayed text. Is this possible in a report? I tried with a text shape, but the preview shows the tags as plain text.

I am using Ignition 7.8.4.

No, it’s not possible. But you do have a lot of other formatting ability (fonts, colors, justification, etc) that aren’t available with Vision components, so you’ll probably be able to make something come out the way you want.

Thanks for your reply. My intention was to recycle display strings from elsewhere in my project. I’ll look into the other formatting options though.

At least in 7.8.4, the underlying reporting system supports a limited HTML subset. You have to wrap the text in a keychain expression to make this work. I am using html in a text shape but it should be working wherever keychain expressions are used.

@"<html><b>Bold</b><font color='red'>green</font>"@

See this document for a list of supported tags.