HTML image from website not updating on all clients

What I am trying to do is pull back a comic from a webpage and display it on one of our dashboard screens. I have gotten some interesting results. I run the update script on a timer to go and check for a new comic every hour and if there is a new one display the new one using the section of the sites source html. (This way it updates each day) Here is where the issue is. I can run the designer and the new image will load and I can even save the dashboard screen with the new image in it so it will start on that for the initial load of a client. The screen will then snap back to the older image from when it was initially launched after I push out an update.

For example, if I launch the client today the comic for today will load and all is well. Now when tomorrow comes the old image(from today) will still be showing where as if I launch a new client the new one loads. Is Ignition caching the html for the image somewhere? I don’t see how I can get different results on the same computer all depending on when I launch the client.

Here is the code I run every hour on a timer. Once ran I add in front of it and it shows the image in a label.

[code] import system
import xml.dom.minidom

#url to use for comic
url = ""
header = ["img"]
data = []

# go get source from url
	response ="ascii", "ignore")

	# Put it in the dom
	dom = xml.dom.minidom.parseString(response)

	# Sort by element item
	for node in dom.getElementsByTagName("item"):
		#find the image section and replace everything before it with <img
		img = node.getElementsByTagName("description")[0]
		img_end = img.find("<img")
		img_src = img.replace(img[:img_end],"<html>")
		# set desired height and width of returned image
		img_final = img_src.replace("/></a>",'height ="250" width ="655"/>')

		#add to data list

	# get todays comic from data
	final = data[0][0]
	self.newsStories = final
	#print self.newStories = 1
except: = 0