HTML in labels


I have an HTML table as the text in one of my labels with the layout relative and the font scaled. Ideally, I would like my HTML table to take up the entire width of the label control but when I use “…<table width=100%…”, it only takes up a small portion in the middle of the label. If I don’t use a percentage, I can get the table to resize but text ends up being cut off when users resize the window. Perhaps I’m not sure on how it interprets HTML but I was hoping someone could lend a pointer or two.

Thanks in advance,

The HTML of a label doesn’t know what the width and height of the label are. You have to tell it what the width is, for example:[code]

Column 1 Column 2
[/code]You can get the width of the component in scripting but in order to use it you have to set the text of the label in a script. Not very easy. Let us know if you have more questions.