Html in mouse over text (Perspective)

I've read several posts talking about this. The solution to use html for multi-line text seems to work for them, but it is not for me. In the binding results it even shows the text on two lines but when shown as a tooltip it is not using the html as formatting instructions.
Using Perspective v8.1.26

Are you sure those solutions weren't for Vision and not Perspective?

  • Set : pre-wrap
  • Set your binding transform script to `return "Line 1.\nLine 2.\nLine 3."
  • You might also wish to set : left

Unless the tooltip is to change depending on some other condition, there is no need to program it in a binding. Just type the text into meta.tootip.text. It has the slight quirk that to get the editor dialog open you have to type a long line of text and hit enter before the multiline editor icon appears at the end of the line. Then you just hit Enter on the end of each line and omit the \n newline codes.