HTML Wrap Text on Button Breaks when switching languages

In vision I currently have a number of side bar buttons that when changing languages needs the text to be wrapped. When I try to implement the following for example "Fault
Records". When I change languages, it no longer works, it stays in English and not the language I selected. What am I missing?

This is an interesting problem. I was able to replicate this using <HTML> <div align="center"> Test Button with the following set up:


Here was the result when I switched to Spanish:

I even tried explicitly using <HTML> <div align="center"> Test Button in the translation manager, but nevertheless got the same result

what I'm using is the following and it may be that I'm a newbie at python/jthon.
But it's still not working on my side.



I don't know what you're doing wrong but it works for me...

For the first button, I've set the text: '<html><center>Button1<br>Second Line'
and for the Slovenian translation: '<html><center>Gumb1<br>Druga vrsta'

Vision (swing) supports only an old HTML4...

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Interesting. I copied and pasted yours into my translation manager, and it worked. Looking at it, I noticed that there was whitespace in my original experiment, so I added it in, but it still worked.

I had all of the options unchecked, so it's possible that I had a capitolization error or a mismatched whitespace in my initial experiment, but I didn't save the experimental project, so it's impossible to verify now:

@Madison_Cannon Perhaps check and see if one of these settings corrects the problem?

Are you saying i need to write the html for each language?


Or, do the HTML and translation via an expression, e.g. "<html><center>" + translate("key")


thanks everyone. I finally got it to work.