HTML5 Video in Vision 8.1.21

Ignition 8.1.21

Good afternoon,
I am wanting to view some setup videos in our Vision project. After doing some reading in the forums this has come up a couple times and in most cases was addressed using the Web dev module and HTML file.

I have worked through this and am struggling getting the video to play in Vision with the web browser. I can play it locally (on desktop).

Currently have a HTML file on desktop to play video (webm extension) that is also on my desktop.

I have tried the web browser in two different ways.

  1. URL MODE: Starting URL , set path to the HTML file on my desktop. I can see the video player but no video plays
  2. HTML MODE: Starting HTML, Copied the html file and put it in starting HTML. Changed the path to the video file a few different ways. Same outcome I can see the video player but no video plays.

Should this work if the path is client scoped? Or do the paths need to to be from the gateway scoped?

Seems like i am missing something simple!

Thanks for any direction in advance.