HTTP 404 Error Launching Designer


I have an installation of Ignition on Ubuntu Server which I have had to change the IP address of. Following the change, I keep getting an HTTP 404 error as follows:

This error is the same whether I am launching a specific project or the designer. I can connect perfectly to the Status/Config webpage.

Looking on the forums, I have checked the XML files (that I can find) for corruption, but they all look normal. Any ideas?


Further to this, the project will launch as an applet, but not in standard or fullscreen mode, and the designer will not launch at all.

Hope this helps provide a clue.


Put in the following url into your browser manually to see if it works: … SCADA.jnlp

Thanks Travis, yes the direct link you suggested works fine.

Ok, in that case login to the Ignition Gateway configuration page and click on Gateway Settings under Configuration on the left hand side. Scroll down and find the setting “Launch Link Script Policy” and change it to “Direct”. That way the links will be direct like I showed you.

Thanks Travis, that has sorted it out for me.

When I went to that “Launch Link Script Policy” setting, it was set to “Select One”, so it had obviously got corrupted at some point. I was even able to select the “JavaScript” option, and the links returned to what was expected.

Thanks again Travis.


Glad it is working