Http binding (POST)

any one how to use this

this link work in post man

There's documentation that includes a video.

thankyou .but not work if body is hardcoded it should be tag path only

note in the docs the url is in "" while your screenshot does not seem to be like that?

See the red error on the bottom ? Put your mouse cursor over it and check what the message says.

When you encounter an error and ask for help, ALWAYS include the error message.

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What are you trying to do? In my opinion and from my experience, the HTTP binding type sucks, especially for a POST. That usually means you're submitting data somewhere - are you sure this needs to happen whenever a binding reevaluates? A GET request would be more common in this scenario (meaning using an HTTP binding).

Can you use an action / event and use the functions instead?

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i used that instead of HTTP binding because dont work speacilly in POST