HTTP Request causes Invalid Key, hammers server

I am currently working on a project that calls for weather data to be pulled in and displayed. To do this, I am using OpenWeather and their apis. Their weather can be accessed through passing parameters into a url and it returns JSON.
The issue I am having is that in the case of polling for the forecast, sometimes a rain object is included, and otherwise not. When it is included, the binding throws a “invalid key” error. I could live with that, but what Ignition does at this point is hammer the request button to try and fix it. I have timed out my account due to this barrage of requests it sends out when it does not like the return list, when it should not care, especially considering that when Ignition makes tables, it does not care if there are multiple components in each row, as long as it has a value, its fine.
Please see below images showing that pulling the rain object fixes the error, and I only started having this problem when the errors appeared.

Any help on this would be great. Thank you

Could you do the request as a gateway side script and write the results to a tag that the window would then use? That way you can compare the response and write the value out to a tag or variable.

I figured out why it was hammering the server. I had a now() function that was calling them, which I forgot had a polling rate of 1 second, rather than never. Changed that and that worked. Still have the issue of the binding throwing errors though as the list it returns changes size based on rain existing or not. At least it is not hammering away now
I need to have these bound to session level components, so they stay in session custom properties, so multiple instances don’t pull the same synced location