HTTP Server - SimpleHTTPServer

I would like to provide a WebDev API call that would act as an HTTP server to display files on the server where Ignition is running.
I’m not allowed to purchase Perspective or Vision so I would like to use the WebDev module.

In particular something as simple as a browser interface like:


Currently, to see the images (we have millions of them), users (quality engineers, etc.) need to specify a Part Number, Lot Number and a range then IT has to use an Admin account and copy them to another location, (typically 3000+ images in a production lot).

I’ve looked at SimpleHTTPServer and am wondering if anyone has examples of using it or if there are other better solutions. It seems there would be a simple way to use a WebDev GET API to do this but I’m at a loss.

WebDev has a concept of ‘mounted folders’. Every file within the mounted folder is automatically visible at its corresponding path.

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Thank you @PGriffith.
I was able to get the Mounted Folder to work but only for a single folder and file.
It seems to be limited to a single folder and the file name of the image needs to be included in the URL - using just the folder name results in a 404 error.
I was hoping for functionality that would give a user rudimentary navigation up and down a directory structure to select a folder and image to view.

See: Ticket ID: 128390

Then as things stand you would need to implement your own directory walking using Python resource handler(s). We’re unlikely to expose an automatic index - both possible performance problems and possible security problems could result.