Http Tag Binding Bearer Token Using AAD

Hello, I am interested in using an http tag binding to a restful API that is protected by Azure Active Directory (AAD). This requires Ignition to be onboarded as a trusted API consumer and then Ignition would need to authenticate itself with AAD to acquire a bearer token. The bearer token can then be used in the header to authenticate against the API.

Does anyone have experience doing this in the HTTP binding or would this require a python script instead?

I have done this before in other applications using the MSAL, but I don’t think that will be an option here.

I would say to just do this in a script with httpClient. The binding doesn't have the flexibility/power to do this.

It would definitely be nice if the platform could have a native way to manage a time expiring token. Definitely doable via scripting, but could be much cleaner if there was a native solution.

I'm pretty something similar this is coming. We did the underlying work for the OAuth email profiles, next was to expose a generic OAuth client management section that you could use to manage the connections/tokens for various providers and get a handle on from scripting.