httpClient not sending proxy creditials

Hey all, I have a conundrum. Below is the API call I make using the httpClient and sending the proxy info, but i worked with the proxy team and it doesn't send the actual proxy username and password with the request, but it does route the traffic through the proxy. It returns a 407 (authentication error) and I'm wondering if there is just something I'm missing. Any ideas?

	return, proxy="", username="usr", password="pwd").post("", data=data, timeout = 3000L).json

That authentication is supplied if the actual request returns an authorization is required header. It's not auth for the proxy itself. I don't know if Java's httpclient supports proxy authentication. You could try specifying the username and password on the URL? http://user:pass@ip:port

Thanks for the reply, but that also seems to be a nogo. Returning a 407 as well.

Can you capture this exchange in Wireshark? Curious what the request and response look like.

I've been trying and I cant seem to sniff it out. Not entirely sure why but its probably related to company setup or network? Hitting it from the browser works, but i have to script it through a proxy to let it escape to the outside world where this API exists.