httpGet ( timeouts

Hello all,

I recently bumped into a strange behavior of the method I use this in a script (shared scope) so that it is executed by the Gateway.

I specify the timeouts like this:

try:"Demande de Refresh pour le site %s" % ip.value)			
except Exception,e:"ERREUR de Refresh pour le site %s (%s)" % (ip.value, e))
def refresh(ip,username,password):
	url_ = "http://" + ip  + [...] 
	page =,45000,60000,username,password)

When I execute all this, I get the timeout message about 20 seconds after calling the method (and not 45 or 60 seconds as specified).

Am I doing something wrong ? How can I make the httpGet method to respect the given timeouts ?

NB: The URL provided works correctly (but slowly) when called in a webbrowser on the Gateway machine.