httpGet timeout in tag event script

Hello All,

I have a simple boolean tag with a tag event script set to fire when the tag goes true. In the event script, I am making an api call using the httpGet function. When I run the script in the script console, everything works fine and I return the expected data. However, when the script runs on the tag event script, I get a timeout error when trying to make the api call. Is there something different about these two scopes that is would be causing this timeout?

When you run it in the script console you are making the HTTP request from your computer running the Designer.

When it runs in the tag event script it is being made by the Ignition Gateway instead.

Can the Ignition Gateway reach the host you’re making the call to? Are there firewalls or other software interfering?


Ahh that makes sense. Lots of unknowns about network architecture on the gateway side. Likely a firewall problem.