HttpResponseException: 500 Internal Server Error


When upgrading the license to the system will throw the following error when starting a project

Error launching aplication:
HttpResponseException: 500: Internal Server Error

windows server 2008
Ignition 7.2.8
Java 1.6.0_26

Take a look at your system logs in the Gateway to see what the error was.

log attached
wrapper.log (272 KB)

It looks like your internal settings database may be corrupted. I’d call into support if you can and they’ll help you try and restore from an autobackup.

The project was rescued. but installing the license again happen again?

Contact your support rep if that process lost your license. They can reset the activation for you.

Whats the fix for this because i have same issue with launch search engine for the correct Jar file for MSSQL driver and i get this error and have no ides on how to repair?