Hub and Spoke, best option for Remote tag access

Hey guys

I just need to get things clear in my head

If I have a remote ignition gateway and a central cloud based ignition gateway which are connected via VPN in a ‘Hub and Spoke’ config. Connection is via cellular, so not the quickest.

I want to be able to run the same project that is on the remote gateway on the cloud gateway to provide a method of remote monitoring and control.

  1. Should I connect directly to the remote AB plc via the cloud gateways opc ua using the same tag setup that is on the remote gateway
  2. Or is it better to add the remote gateways opc to the cloud gateway and browse the device using the same tag structure setup as the remote project.
  3. As per 2 but expose the remote gateways tag provider to the cloud and drag the tags over to become cloud tags.

Just wondering really what is the most efficient method to minimise the Load on the remote plc. Or is each method above going to have the same result?

Cheers for any guidance

#3 is the only option that doesn’t place additional load on the remote PLC.

Thanks Kevin

With the remote gateways exposed tags copied over to the cloud projects tag provider. How does the tag scanrates now work?


The gateways you’ve configured remote tag providers on will just receive tag updates on change.

The gateway the tag actually resides on is where it executes and where it the scan class rate will matter.

Yes, setup a remote tag provider on the cloud gateway with the same name as the tag provider on each remote gateway (give each remote gateway a unique tag provider name)… Then your project will run on both (there may be some other considerations such as limiting some scripts to only run on one gateway) and the remote gateways handle all PLC communication.

Cool. Thanks guys

Will give it ago.