Hub and spoke design questions

I have a customer that is interested in using Ignition. Essentially what they will have is some portable units that will need to have an ignition gateway in each unit. These portable units will collect data while in the field while doing their testing. These units dont always have internet connection and may not have a connection until they are brought back to their facility. The customer would like for this field testing data to be uploaded to an ignition gateway that is running in their facility.

So what I will need is the ability to launch clients on the “spoke” while it is out in the field doing testing. Then when the units come back from the field, the data that was collected would need to be synched up with the “Hub” database so that management can review the data and can generate reports and such off of it. Is this possible using the hub and spoke architecture?

Yes, this is certainly possible. You’ll design this architecture using both Ignition and database technologies. What I mean is that Ignition doesn’t have turn-key features built in for this sort of thing. Ignition’s built-in store-and-forward may work, but probably will be overloaded depending on how long these devices will be out in the field with no connection.

Instead, I think you’re going to want to use database technology to accomplish this. Some kind of one-way replication from spoke to hub when available. Different databases have different ways of achieving this.