Hub Gateway Redundancy & Edge Gateway Connections

I just set up our redundant enterprise server (hub). The process was smooth and painless. I have one request regarding the remote gateway connections. Currently, on the backup, they all say "Defined_NeverConnected." This makes sense as the system has yet to failover.

My question is this. Do I need to fail over once and approve all the GAN connections? Or will these be approved automatically once they connect for the first time?

Hi @Shawn_Rieger,

The error status Defined_NeverConnected usually means that there's some dependencies or old references(such as GAN connections, Remote Tag Providers, etc.) being made to those remote Gateways.

On your Backup Gateway machine, what you can try is moving the "metro-keystore" file located in the ./ignition/webserver folder to a safe location and then restarting the Ignition service.

If you're seeing still the Defined_NeverConnected after the restart, it would be a good idea to open a Support ticket with Inductive Automation so that this can be thoroughly investigated: