Hubitat home hub

I thought posting this may be of help to someone, I did search to see if it had been posted before but couldn’t find anything.

I run a hubitat hub with a ecobee thermostat and various ecobee room temp sensors, along with other smart switches, keen smart vents, hue lamps, outlets, locks etc.

They are all connected and controlled via hubitat. I wanted to do a project to record my home AC efficiencies etc, using raspberry pi’s and getting data from hubitat. The best way I found was to use node red and Mqtt. See link below for node red nodes to work with hubitat. Using multiple pi’s I was able to locate DS18b temp sensors in my ac system and ductwork and send that data to maker via mqtt.

Anyone having difficulty connecting to any of their home devices, using habitat could be a easy option and I’m sure there is also things like this for Samsung smart hub etc.

Link to node red flows

My plan is to do a SVG floor plan then insert the various data. For now I just threw it onto one page to test it works.

Hope its of help to someone.