HXTT Driver and SQL Issues

We are using the HXTT Driver to talk to a FoxPro DB from Ignition. We have a report that intermittently (about 80% of the time) throws the “Timeout Interrupted Exception: beyond 1000 msecs to get result for a remote request, but that request should have been executed by remote server.”

It’s not complicated SQL at all, but it seems to be failing when we use the LEFT method in the SQL WHERE clause. If we replace the code with a LIKE, it no longer fails.

Original code:

WHERE left(noteTable.rollno, 10) = ‘0000033446’ AND noteTable.type = ‘W’


WHERE noteTable.rollno like ‘000033446%’ AND noteTabe.type = ‘W’

I understand that string methods in SQL take slightly longer to execute, but find it very unusual that this timeout occurs. Has anyone come across this or found a reason for this?