Hyper Terminal

I need to grab some data that is being sent to hyper terminal. How could I do this?

You mean it’s coming from a serial device and you happen to be looking at it in hyper terminal? In this case you could create a FSQL plugin that read from the serial port- we actually have a sample plugin that does this which I could send you if you’re interested.

Otherwise, maybe you should explain a bit more about the actual source of the data. You won’t be able to grab the data from hyperterminal per-se, but it may not be too hard to get it directly from the source.


This data is coming from a scale that is connected to a serial port. Yes if you could send me the plug in and tell me how to do the config I would appreciate it.

Here’s the source code and a compiled version. The readme has some basic info, but not much. If you’re not acquainted with FSQL plugins, you may want to look at the API section under “Technical Reference” in the help file. There may be a few good threads here on the forum, but I’m not sure offhand.

The plugin may require some tweaking to fit your particular situation, though I think I recall that it was originally written for a similar case of a scale, so who knows.

One other thing that people have done with scales is to throw a serial to ethernet converter on it and use the UDP plugin, which you can find at: http://www.inductiveautomation.com/products/plugins/
That way, the computer doesn’t necessarily need to be near the scale.

Hope that gives you something to work with,
SerialPlugin.zip (32.7 KB)

We have a few devices around her that use a lantronix device to be put on the network. Then the communication is listened to unsolicited. Rather than doing unsolicited communication in this case I was thinking I could have the data pulled from the device when a button is clicked on the factoryPMI application. The client computer is already hooked up to the device and pulling data with the supplied application. I want to create a factoryPMI application that takes the place of the supplied app so the data can be directly inserted into the database.

With this plugin you posted how does FactorySQL connected to a serial port on a client computer?

It doesn’t. It connects to the serial port on the local machine. So, your options are to put FactorySQL on that machine, use a serial-to-ethernet converter to access the device remotely, or try to do it in PMI, like your first idea. The main problems with PMI are 1) I’m not sure if it’s possible, mainly because I’ve never seen it done and 2) You’d want to make sure that project only got launched on that machine, and only once, otherwise there could be problems.


Isn’t that what Kepware U-Con is for?