I can browse a MicroLogix 1400 tags but cannot get a Good value from them in the Tag Browser


I have the following:
Allen-Bradley Driver: v6.1.13 (b2021122109)
Logix Driver: v5.1.13 (b2021122109)
OPC-UA: v9.1.13 (b2020031912)
PLC: MicroLogix 1400 Series B

In the Gateway webpage I have created a connection to the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix and the connection is "Connected: Protocol: EIP".

I can browse to various tags in the processor such as N7:125 but the status is bad. This only applies to some tags.

Does anyone know why only some tags can be added to Ignition?

Look at the tag quality property and see what it says

It just says bad. The weird part is my timestamp says 2022-08-14 2:17:46 PM. It is like Ignition remembers an older version of this tag.

Actually it looks like everything over N7:99 is bad but everything in N100 is good including those over 99. So N100:100 is good.

You listed multiple drivers.

Do you have duplicate devices setup?

Or which driver are you using?

Have you tried with the micrologix driver?

No, I have a single device connection. I wasn't sure which driver was being used. My connection is made with the MicroLogix driver connection but I think that falls under the Logix Driver module.

I was looking at the documents and it says browsing is not fully supported.


I wonder if I need to remap some of N7 into N100 for browsing purposes.

Only issues I have had has been with browsing bits in dints or words and what not.

You should be able to type it in manually if you know where you need to go.

I turned on TRACE for ABMicroLogixReadRequest in the logs and now I can see that it received data for N7:1 to N7:112. So this looks like a driver bug to me or something to do with being unsupported.