I can´t make new properties in a customer module

I need to put some properties to a costumer module but i have a lot of problem becouse i haven´t got any documentation only i have a javadoc.
I want to put a property CT_DATA to my component but it deployed well but it don´t show in designer when i´m going to look for this property.
addBoundProp(“iconName”, “Icon Name”, “The name of the icon that represents the current OSM Map.”,CAT_DATA, PREFERRED_MASK | BOUND_MASK);


addProp(“animationRate”, “Animation Rate”, “The time between frames of animation, if it is turned on.”,
I know the difference Cat_XXX but i don´t know the fields PREFERRED_MASK | BOUND_MAS and how i make up a own propperties with the component and the relationship proppertie-component.
I achieved remove same properties but i can´t create a new new one.
Have anyone some example about this question.
I don´t know how i put in the parameters in addProp or adEnumProp, etc inside function.