I cannot drag OPC tags to tags folder

when i try to drag OPC tags from the opc browser window to tags folder in sql tags browse, I am not able to drag them. i can see the tags in opc window

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You may need to call support, do a GoToMeeting, and show them this.

What version of Ignition and Java are you using?

Have you recently changed anything to your system? Is this a new installation?

When you select the tags from the OPC Browser, make sure you click on them first so they are highlighted, then drag the tag to the “Tags” folder and release. Try this out and see if it works for you, if not, Kevin’s suggestion would be the next course of action.

It is a new installation, I am using Ignition version 7.5.0 (b1079), java 6.0.
with the the same setup files i installed on my laptop and it works fine.
I shall try reinstalling and even it does not work I shall go for GOTomeeting.


Ok, let us know if that resolves the issue, if it doesn’t we will be able to assist you further if you call Tech Support.


Check which SQLTags Provider is set as the project’s default. In the gateway, go to Configuration>Projects. The “default” provider should probably be set to the project default. If for some reason it accidentally got set to something else, you could potentially see this behavior.


This may sound completely stupid and may not correct your issue, but I had the exact same thing, then I noticed that I could not right click ANY icons or move icons on my desktop.

My ESC key was stuck :blush: