I can't connect TIA Portal Siemens1500 using PLC simulator to Ignition

this config that do :

Tia portal:

I setup a * Local Devices on Gateway:

I define a device:

This what I'am getting:

My local adresse is :
Siemens 1500 :

Someone can tell me if I forgot something ?

I'am working whith : Ignition version: 8.1.39 (b2024040909)

On your PC with PLCSIM, you need to select your ethernet adapter in the PG/PC configuration, instead of PLCSIM interface.

With the PLCSIM interface, PLCSIM can only communicate with TIA Portal.
This method is also usefull to established a communication between a real HMI and PLCSIM.

Instead you can use, if you have the license, PLCSIM Advanced which allow to select PLCSIM interface or Ethernet TCP/IP interface on the top of the window.