I can't make a group of numeric inputs

I made an indicator consisting of numeric input fields and labels describing 6 different motor temperatures. I wanted to group them so I could move them around, but when I drug a window around them it doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter which direction I drag the window around them either. If I go from right to left with the anything it crosses window after making the group it shows a root container highlight the same size as my group.

What version of Ignition are you using?

Typically if you drag the mouse left and down while holding the shift key it will select multiple objects that come into contact with the highlight window.

We have 7.5.0 and I am using Java 7.

Something else I have noticed is that since I tried to make the group the screen in the designer acts funny. I posted in a seperate issue towards that issue that seemed to resolve itself, but the more I play around with it the more it seems like I have done something to my screen to make it act that way. The designer partially dissapears or locks up and then reapears after the mouse pointer is hovered back over portions of the screen.

Another anomoly I notice is that when I open my some of the screens the project browser window does not open up to let me view what is inside the screen. it has the + box but does not open the drop down list. Once and a while the screen will dissapear out of the list in the project browser.

First I would try updating to 7.5.4 and see if that helps. It sounds like the designer is having some painting errors but I’m not exactly sure what is causing them.

We still have not upgraded to the new version, but I did seem to find the problem that was haunting me. There was a group that I had copied from another window and for some reason it was creating the problem. To find it I ended up deleting things one at a time until it started working right. Then I made a template to use instead of cutting and pasting.