I cant seem to get mounted folders to work?

So this company is using a shared network drive to organize all its files , I dont know if this is contributing to any of my issues or not but i figured id mention it

If i make a file resource of an image itself in a folder named webdevtest---- so the path is something along the lines of

N:Folder1/Folder2/Folder3/Image for the file resource

and the mounted path copy-pastes

http://Host:Port/system/webdev/ProjectName/WebDevTest/Image into the source of an inline frame

THIS one works just fine , the image shows up

but if i make a mounted folder of folder 3 ,
so the folder path is N:Folder1/Folder2/Folder3

and then in an inline frame component I right click the mounted path and paste it into the source path again and add image to the end of it


I cannot get anything to show up? what am i doing wrong , its most likely me

Have you followed the instructions for mapping a network drive in the gateway service?


The gateway service doesn't have access to the same resources that a user logged into that machine would have. Services are isolated.

Note that if you restart Ignition at some point where the network drive is unavailable, it won't "heal" by itself. You (or your customer) should avoid using network mapped drives.


I would always recommend using a UNC path instead of a mapped drive. Much easier for everyone then to know where the files are actually coming from

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