I do not know how to access to a Perspective App in Maker Edition through Internet

Hi! How are you?
As the topic says, I can not find the way to access my page in Maker Edition through Internet.
I have done a page on my Application Server with Maker Edition (Ignition 8.1) and I wanna access through Internet to it (i.e. NOT through local network).
It is absolutely necessary to have a certified from a CAA? Can I test it without SSL at least at first?

Note: I DO access to my page within my local network even by the Perspective App for cellphones.

Thanks, and I’m waiting for your answers!

The most secure way would be to setup a VPN for your network.

Through the internet, well you need either a domain that can provider a certificate or asking your ISP for a public static IP. Mentioning Maker Edition makes me thing this is for domestic use, in that case prepare the frontend router for port forwarding, rules and firewalls if getting a public IP.

But as @andrews said, a VPN might be the most secure one.

You should not, for any duration of time, put an Ignition gateway on the public internet without SSL.
It’s a bad idea. You can use self-signed certificates (it’s just that web browsers will tell you it’s insecure) or, better, a free CA such as Let’s Encrypt.